Dutch startup Tidalflow raises a €1.6M Pre-seed to integrate third-party software within LLMs ecosystems via plugins

Tidalflow‘s plugin lifecycle management platform allows software businesses to develop, test, monitor and monetise their product instances for compatibility with LLMs, opening new distribution channels and revenue streams. Here are details of Tidalflow‘s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch


🏭 Industry



Sebastian Jorna (CEO), Henry Wynaendts (CPO), Coen Stevens (CTO)

💸 Funding & Investors

INVESTMENT (October 2023)€1.6 million (Pre-seed)
INVESTORS (October 2023)co-led by Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused venture fund) and Dig Ventures (operated by MuleSoft founder Ross Mason), with additional backing from Antler.

🎯 Funding purpose

Accelerate the development of its platform, designed to seamlessly integrate third-party software within Large Language Model (LLM) ecosystems via plugins.

🌐 Country HQ

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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