Entrepreneurship Program – develoPPP Ventures 2023 Q4 – Apply by 31.12.2023

develoPPP Ventures is aimed at young companies, whose innovative business model improves living conditions in a developing or emerging country and who are planning to scale up.

Is your start-up pursuing a high impact business model in a developing or emerging economy and has already successfully mastered the formation phase? Then find out below about the opportunities for growth funding through develoPPP Ventures. The program is currently available in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania with additional countries to follow in the next round.

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develoPPP is a funding programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It is aimed at companies that want to invest sustainably in a developing or emerging country and expand their local operations. Prerequisites for support are a long-term business interest in the country and a sustainable developmental benefit for the local people. 

With develoPPP Classic and develoPPP Ventures, the programme offers customised funding opportunities for already well-established enterprises as well as aspiring start-ups. develoPPP is implemented by two experienced partners in German development cooperation: DEG Impulse gGmbH and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.


  • DEG Impulse and GIZ provide grant co-financing of up to EUR 100,000 (and a top-up for successful Ventures in a potential second phase).
  • The company must receive matching funds equaling the amount of the grant financing in the form of cash injection from other investors. Matching funds can be considered if received up to 6 months prior to the application and still available for the develoPPP Ventures investment.
    • The external capital must have been received at the latest by the time of disbursement of the develoPPP Ventures funds. Companies should therefore be in advanced discussions with investors around securing financing within the next six months.
  • The use of funds takes place in the country where the company is registered, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Tanzania (conclusion of contract will only be possible with a locally registered entity).
  • The investment proposal is financially sound, and the purpose of funding is clearly defined.
  • Entirely commercial financing of the investment project is not possible at this point (subsidiarity).

✔️Requirements for program participation

Funding decisions on specific investment projects are made via regular develoPPP Ventures ideas competitions. Start-ups that are registered in the target country or that plan to register there before the start of the funding are eligible to participate. Funding is provided exclusively for business expansion in the respective country and must be invested locally. A prerequisite for funding is that the start-up phase has already been completed and initial revenues have been generated. In addition, your company must:

  • Be privately owned and profit-oriented.
  • The company is registered in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Tanzania OR plans to register there prior to the investment
  • Have a viable business and financial plan.
  • Be able to provide at least one annual financial statement.
  • Convince other financiers of its business model (matching funds).
  • Not have acquired more than a maximum of €2 million in funding to date.
  • Have high growth potential and reach break-even within a maximum of three years.

Download the participation criteria (PDF) here.


  • Applications deadline– 30 June 2023


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