Entrepreneurship Program – Eurosatory Start-Ups Challenge 2024 – Apply by 10.11.2023

Eurosatory, the world’s leading Defence, Security, and Civil Protection exhibition, is thrilled to announce the Eurosatory Start-Ups Challenge 2024. Eurosatory is looking for start-ups with groundbreaking products, exceptional services, or unique expertise that can redefine the landscape of defence, security, and civil protection.

Do you have a solution to address complex crises, ranging from high-intensity conflicts to humanitarian and environmental disasters? Eurosatory is seeking out the brightest minds and the most innovative start-ups who can revolutionize the way we respond to these critical issues.

⏳Closing date


💡Program beneficiaries

Eurosatory is looking for : 

  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Innovative products
  • Unique service offerings

To address one of the following categories:

  • Engineering, design, and materials
  • Human support and protection
  • Armament and reduced lethality
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Protection of the environment and natural disasters
  • Operations command (crises and conflicts)
  • An Open Category, for all other proposals

🎁Program benefits

Get a free booth in the 2024 Eurosatory Lab, 2 tickets to the Official reception, giving you visibility & exposure with the opportunity to showcase your innovative solutions to an international audience of industry leaders, policymakers, and potential investors.


➡️Apply HERE

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