Entrepreneurship Program – South Pole Carbon Asset Development Program Q3 2023 – Apply by 01.10.2023

South Pole is a global carbon project developer and climate solutions provider. It connects projects to its broad range of buyers across the globe who are increasingly interested to purchase credits, certificates, and offsets as part of their voluntary corporate climate pledge.

⏳Closing date


💡Program Targets

South Pole are also seeking to source energy attribute certificates, commonly known as renewable energy certificates (RECs), from small-scale distributed solar assets from across Africa. This is for the D-REC Initiative scheme, a new program aiming to increase revenues for distributed solar developers. You can find out more about D-RECs here.

Projects of interest are small-scale solar projects, typically from 50 Wp up to 1 MWp in size, and includes:

  • Off-grid or grid-connected projects
  • Rural electrification projects
  • Water desalination projects
  • C&I projects
  • Agricultural projects
  • Healthcare projects
  • Education projects

To be eligible, your project should have access to the electricity generation data from your project, ideally via remote monitoring. Additionally, you must have ownership of the environmental attributes from your project and not be monetizing your project via any other environmental product.

🎁Program Benefits

Successful ventures in the program will benefit from:

  • Support in development of the project description documentation with relevant annexes and calculations.
  • We will contract and work with an independent auditor to get a project validation and certification that confirms that your project complies with the rules of the different standards.
  • We will contract and work with an independent auditor for the project verification, meaning the ex-post confirmation that the project has successfully reduced emissions.
  • We will manage the project’s carbon credits registry account and issue, transfer and retire the carbon credits.
  • We will deliver the carbon credits to our global network of buyers.
  • Further support will be offered depending on unique project scenarios.

✔️Requirements for program participation

  • Cookstoves: Have capacity to distribute 8,000 stoves within the first 2 years of the project.
  • Community Water Systems: 10,000 houses included in the project, within 500 meters to 1 kilometer from the water point
  • Renewable Energy: Minimum 10MW (or bundle different projects within the same country e.g 5MW x 2 = 10MW)
  • Biomass: Biogas and Bio-composting made from farming biomass waste – 36,000 tonnes of waste used a year.
  • Other technologies welcome to apply


  • Deadline for applications: October 1st, 2023


➡️Apply HERE

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