French sales compensation startup Qobra raises €10 million for its real-time sales compensation tool

Qobra is a next generation Sales Compensation Software automating calculation, adjustments & approvals of Sales Commissions. Here are details of Qobra’s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch

2020 (July)

🏭 Industry



Antoine Fort, Tanguy Moullec, Axel Poitral, Simon Laurino, Gabrielle Gaurier, Elyne Vila Nova, Dylan Manceau

💸 Funding & Investors

  • INVESTMENT (October 2023) : €10 million (Series A)
  • INVESTORS : Singular, UK investor group Revenue Syndicate and Breega.
  • PREVIOUS ROUND : €5M (March 2022), led by the Breega Seed investment fund

🎯 Funding purpose

UK and international expansion.

🌐 Country HQ

France (Paris)

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