German AI startup Aleph Alpha raises a $500M Series B round to invest in category-defining research on foundation models

Aleph Alpha allows companies to develop and deploy large language and multimodal models. Here are details of Aleph Alpha‘s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch


🏭 Industry



Jonas Andrulis (Founder & CEO)

💸 Funding & Investors

INVESTMENT (Novembre 2023)$500 million (Series B)
INVESTORS (Novembre 2023)led by the Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence, Bosch Ventures and the companies of Schwarz Group. Other new investors include Christ & Company Consulting, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, SAP and Burda Principal Investments.

🎯 Funding purpose

The funding will be invested in category-defining research on foundation models, advanced product capabilities especially for business-critical environments plus commercialization with selected key partners.

🌐 Country HQ

Germany (Heidelberg)

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