German medical equipment manufacturing company Raydiax raises €3.5M in funding

Raydiax is on a mission to increase the quality of everyday minimally invasive interventions providing the world’s first therapy-assist CT system. Its imaging solutions enable safe, intuitive, and efficient procedures for patients and clinicians worldwide. Here are details of Raydiax‘s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch

2022 (March)

🏭 Industry

Medical Equipment Manufacturing


Thomas Hoffmann (CEO), Tim Pfeiffer (CTO), Roy Rothenberg (CFO), Robert Frysch (Head of Imaging Software), André Mewes (Head of Therapy Solutions), Benjamin Fritsch (Head of Hardware & Control)

💸 Funding & Investors

INVESTMENT (October 2023)€3.5 million
INVESTORS (October 2023)€2.4m was led by HTGF and bmp Ventures with IBG funds. In addition, Raydiax will receive €1.1m in funding through a top-up of an “EXIST: transfer of research” grant from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

🎯 Funding purpose

Advance the development of the preclinical prototype and prepare for market entry in Europe and the USA.

🌐 Country HQ

Germany (Magdeburg)

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