Germany MLOps startup ZenML raises a $6.4M Seed round to empower data teams with effective MLOps solutions

ZenML is an extensible, open-source MLOps framework for creating portable, production-ready MLOps pipelines. It’s built for data scientists, ML Engineers, and MLOps Developers to collaborate as they develop to production. ZenML has simple, flexible syntax, is cloud- and tool-agnostic, and has interfaces/abstractions that are catered towards ML workflows. Here are details of ZenML‘s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch


🏭 Industry

Machine Learning


Adam Probst (Co-founder), Hamza Tahir (Co-founder)

💸 Funding & Investors

INVESTMENT (October 2023)€3.4 million (bringing its total Seed funding to $6.4M)
INVESTORS (October 2023)Point Nine with follow-on funding from ZenML’s existing investor London-based Crane Venture Partners. The round also saw funding from D. Sculley, CEO of Kaggle; Harold Giménez, SVP R&D at Hashicorp; and Luke de Oliveira, ex-director of Machine Learning at Twilio.

🎯 Funding purpose

Operations expansion; Growth.

🌐 Country HQ

Germany (Munich)

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