237 Business Angels is mainly interested in companies in the start-up phase in Cameroon. Investments are made through funding rounds. alone or in co-investment. Our members support and help to succeed in the first years of “take-off” of innovative companies with high growth potential. They not only provide entrepreneurs with financing. They are committed to providing them with their experience and personal networks.

Target Areas
Investment type
Seed Capital
Business Angel
Financed companies
Blue Work Spaces (Blue WorkS) SAS (wants to be a company that provides its targets with a network of coworking spaces across the cities of Cameroon). DjanguiBet. Oceanic SAS
Target sectors
Food industry. Business services. Clean technologies and energy. Public services. Construction and manufacturing. Manufacturing industry. Creator. multimedia and entertainment. Education. Financial services. Health. TIC. Leisure and travel. Retail and wholesale trade. Unsustainable consumers. Transport and logistics. Water. sanitation and hygiene. Cars. Home appliance. Luxury items and jewelry
New Yaoundé Omnisports Route. Cameroon