Swiss-German Virtual/Augmented reality startup Copresence raises $6M for growth

Copresence, is a startup that stands at the forefront of realistic and real-time animatable 3D AI Avatar technology from a simple smartphone scan. With a clear vision to transform digital communication, gaming, and the realm of virtual/augmented reality, it has developed state-of-the-art solutions that harness the power of machine learning, computer graphics, and software development. Its photorealistic avatars embody the future, filling the void of genuine human connection in the digital sphere. Here are details of Copresence’s latest funding round :

🚀 Launch


🏭 Industry

Virtual/Augmented reality


Radek Mackowiak (CEO), Titus Leistner (CTO), Jenniffer Golz (Relationship Management), Lynton Ardizzone (Head of Machine Learning), Philip-William Grassal (Research Developer), Merlin Manthey (Senior Software Developer)

💸 Funding & Investors

INVESTMENT (October 2023)$6 million (Seed)
INVESTORS (October 2023)Undisclosed

🎯 Funding purpose

Growth; Team expansion; Product development

🌐 Country HQ

Switzerland (Zurich)

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